2015 - Test on wing 0001, 3.35 G  is obtained.

2016 - Modifications made to the wing.

         - Manufacture of parts for the 0002 test wing.

         - Assembly of a test bed for engine fuel feeding. 

2017 - Test on wing 0002, 4.78 G is obtained.

         - Launch of prototype 1001, for Parent Aircraft Manufacturing Inc.

2018 - Improvements found when assembling 0002 made to 1001.

         - Manufacture of all parts of the left wing.

         - Treatment of left wing parts against corrosion

2019 - Aileron conception.

         - Design and fabrication of the jigs assemblies for the aileron ensuring the interchangeability thereof.

         - Manufacture and protection against corrosion of the parts for the aileron.

         - Nominee as : Entrepreneur of the year 2019, from the firm Ernst & Young.

2020 - Everything required to produce the left aileron is completed. Prototype is protected in a wooden box, waiting to meet the wing.

         - Parent Aircraft Manufacturing Inc. organized a riveting and an advanced aircraft assembly workshop in February.

         - Assembly of the left wing.

2021 - The fuel system is designed and the fuel tank is fabricated.

         - The left wing will be completed in fall 2021

         - The transfer of the drawings from left to right wing.

         - Fabrication of all the detail parts of the right wing.

         - Fabrication of the tooling needed to assemble the right wing.