Since 2007 Michel Parent / PARENT AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURING Inc. organizes, through the organization of RAA415, advanced courses for those interested in assembling their own aircraft. On the proposed date, it will be the advanced assembly course or the riveting workshop. These courses are not at their first presentation and are very well elaborated. Since 2007, Michel Parent has trained over 193 enthusiasts from all over the province of Quebec. These courses ensure that the aircraft are of better quality, and subsequently safer. Having followed the training, installers / assemblers, assemble aircraft that have a better resale value. Classes are held on a Saturday in February in a local adapted from the National School of Aerotechnic located at St-Hubert Airport.  If you are interested in attending this course, I invite you to send a message in the section: Contact Us or an E-mail to: to receive the proposed course outline and it is without any further obligations. You can also consult the course outline of the proposed course (s), in attachment just below. Looking forward to giving you all the information you need to complete your construction.

Download             Aircraft Riveting Workshop 2024 rev01.pdf

                            Advanced Assembly Workshop 2024 rev01.pdf


                                                               Manufacture of parts with the saw machining process, slitting saw machining,

The latest conference Michel Parent/ PARENT AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURING Inc. did, was on the subject: Slitting Saw Machining. This conference has been held October 12th 2022, at the amphitheater of the École Nationale d'Aérotechnique at St-Hubert. During the two-hour presentation, Michel presented how to make this part on the lathe and milling machine. Michel also demonstrated several tricks and anecdotes of assembling metal planes which kept the interest of the audience.

The invitation for this event was published across the country for the past 2 months. Into the crowd which attend the conference, we found, companies, aircraft builders and aircraft enthusiasts. This presentation helped a lot to demystify all the process and teach how this task can be done and have excellent results.. 

Pictures are courtesy from Guy Deraspe, pictures taken at École Nationale d'Aérotechnique of St-Hubert. Thank you Guy.